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Robert Charles Mann | Photographer | Composer

My new album of electro-acoustic orchestral production music, Cinematic Dark Lights, is now available for licensing at MYMA-SYNC. There are twelve principal tracks with up to twenty versions each including stems for a total of 134 tracks of music. Many thanks to Julien Bonneau, the best editor I could have wished for, conductor François Rousselot at the helm of the Budapest Orchestra, and everyone at Montmorency Music. Streaming is also possible on Youtube.

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Just finished mastering my project "Dark Lights" at Color Sound in Paris. Thanks to Julien Bonneau at MYMA/Justement Music for deep production, editing and direction, and to François Rousselot for a superb job conducting the orchestra in Budapest. Tracks will be up on Soundcloud soon.

[EN] The film "Fishtank" written and directed by Clayton Burkhart which I scored last summer is out now on the festival circuit. Here is the last scene entitled Vous Auriez du Feu? ( Do You Have a Light? ).

[FR] Le film "Fishtank" écrit et réalisé par Clayton Burkhart, pour lequel j'ai composé la musique l'été dernier, vient de sortir sur le circuit des festivals. Voici la dernière scène intitulée Vous Auriez du Feu?.

Fishtank - Vous Auriez du Feu? from Robert Charles Mann - Composer.

A film I scored in 2006, Orpheus Descending, is opening tonight FEB 20, 2014 and showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon France from FEB 21 to APR 20, 2014.

Directed by Clayton Burkhart with cinematographer Dan Salzmann (RIP) at the helm, it's an impressionistic angle on the fable through the bent psyche of Clayton Burkhart. There is no dialog, the entire film is electro-acoustic ambient sound design. I also used 10 hours of live audio caught on the streets of New York. Beautifully filmed entirely at night on 35mm film with a hand made camera of Dan Salzmann's design. A truly ambitious project in the name of art.

It's impressive on a huge screen in surround sound but you can view the film here. I only suggest you use mofo speakers or massive ear goggles.

Orpheus Descending from Robert Charles Mann - Composer on Vimeo.

Mood 01 for Parallel Vision - I composed this music for jewelry designer Stefano Tartini’s series of advertisements.

Mood 01 for Parallel Vision from Robert Charles Mann - Composer on Vimeo.

Recording strings in Budapest for my upcoming release "Dark Lights" produced by Julien Bonneau at MYMA/Justement Music and conducted by François Rousselot.

Myself and sound engineer Gabor Buczko at the mixing board with ProTools operator Miklos at right.

Conductor François Rousselot at the helm.

In the studio with sound engineer Gabor Buczko left, orchestra manager Gyula Krum, and conductor François Rousselot can be seen through the studio window in control of the orchestra.

At the controls of the beautiful SSL 4000 desk at Studio Miraval.

I recently finished my Long Wire instrument. The string length is 9 foot 5 inches (286.5cm) with a 0.9mm diameter piano wire stretched across a brass nut on one end and a Graphtech piezo bridge on the other. Piano pins at both ends. The beam is a 300 year old piece of oak that I restored. The wire is currently tuned to A four octaves below middle C (27.5Hz). It will be a great addition to my palette of cinematic sounds for years to come. Turn on your sub-woofer!

Long Wire - What? from Robert Charles Mann on Vimeo.

My new generative ambient music, SUNDOGS is up on Soundcloud. I use five notes and four instruments and the Golden Ratio 1.618 as the basis for the structure of how the notes interact after it's set in motion.

Here is the first movement of four. Click the link above to hear the full set.

The Glowing Hours will premiere at NewFilmmakers Los Angeles on August 17, 7:30 PM at

Sunset Gower Studios
1438 North Gower Street
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Myself and director Paul Young will be coming to L.A. for the screening. Hope to see you all there!

Press Kit


Official Website


For the past several weeks I have been scoring for a cinematic library project. Today the production company, Justement Music, have offered me a solo CD to record with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. This is terribly exciting news. I'm really pleased to also be working with the orchestrator Francois Rousselot. The project is under wraps for the moment, but as soon as I can pre-release a few tracks, you'll find them here first and also at Soundcloud.

The Glowing Hours has been nominated for four awards, the Best Short Film at the New York United Film Festival for both the Jury Award and the Audience Choice Award, the Copper Wing Award for Best Short Film in World Cinema at the Phoenix Film Festival, and best of all (for me) the Gold Medal for Excellence in Original Music for a Dramatic Short Film at the Park City Film Music Awards.

The trailer for The Glowing Hours for which I composed the soundtrack, is now online on Vimeo, Youtube and the official website.

Follow The Glowing Hours on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and IMDb.

I have completed the score for the forthcoming release of 'The Glowing Hours' written and directed by Paul Young. It is completely orchestral with alto and soprano voice, a real departure from what I've been doing lately. Paul came to stay with me for ten days, directing me through the film. This type of collaboration was a first for me. Paul has a profound understanding and knowledge of film music so it was with great pleasure to complete the score under his direction. I can't wait for our next film together. Listen to a preview of the end credits theme recorded with the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra here.


Passed by Chateau Miraval before the Cannes Film Festival for a visit with Brad Pitt to discuss the Studio Miraval renovation which we will be starting this fall. This is a gorgeous studio with a history spanning over 30 years which has not yet been connected to ProTools. The SSL 4000 board is in fine shape and the recording hall is big enough for at least 40 musicians.

Robert Mann and Brad Pitt in the vineyards of Chateau Miraval, France, May 2011
Photo by Angelina Jolie

I have started a blog at Tumblr. Please follow me here for news you won't find elsewhere and posts not necessarily about me. You can also follow me on Twitter at @ThenCameNow.

I have been asked to compose for the Forum of New European Opera taking place July 29 through August 1 at the Abbaye in Pontlevoy, France, home of The Eur-Am Center. I chose a piece I recently finished for the film "Flight" and orchestrated it for double ensemble (five winds and five strings), 3 sopranos, harp and percussion. The main event will be Benjamin Britten's Turn of the Screw, a two and half hour opera based upon the novel by Henry James, produced by my friend Halldor Laxness and conducted by Leonardo Gasparini whom will also be conducting my piece on Friday July 30.

The music for Futuroscope is now finished and installed in the Cité du Numérique. Thanks to byVolta for another superb production.

Futuroscope - La Cité du Numérique from Robert Charles Mann on Vimeo.

The Green brother's (AcroTwins) new film entitled "Flight" is underway. They're doing groundbreaking things again with their fearless brand of extreme sport paragliding. My soundtrack will be finished in June and distribution starts quickly afterwards. Here's a cue from the film.


The film Espion(s) which I composed for has been nominated for a César Award for Best First Film and also the film A l'Origine has been nominated for Best Score, bravo to Cliff Martinez, great to have been on your team.

Here is the opening title credits theme.

Opening title credits for the film ESPION(S) from Robert Charles Mann - Composer on Vimeo.

Futuroscope, the science amusement park in Poitiers France, has commisioned me to compose the ambient soundscape for the soon to be redesigned Cité du Numérique. The interior architecture is being designed by byVolta and I am happy to work again with them on a new project. I have decided to use the Golden Ratio or 1.618 discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci as the base of the sound design and music. A CD will be released later in the year.

The film I scored last year called "Lift" about the world champion paragliders Tim and Anthony Green, will be airing in France on Canal Jimmy's "Vertigo" Monday Dec. 7 at 20h40. Subsequent broadcasts will be on Thursday Dec. 10 at 23h50, and Sunday Dec. 13 at 17h20.

I'm off again to Los Angeles to work on "A l'Origine" directed by Xavier Giannoli starring François Cluzet and Gérard Depardieu as well as the Iraq war documentary "Severe Clear" directed by Kristian Fraga. I return to Paris early June.

Just finished the score for the docu-film "Lift" produced by AcroTwins about the paraglider world champions Tim and Anthony Green. It will be airing soon on Discovery and other extreme sports channels as well as hitting the film festivals this summer. The score will be available soon on iTunes.

I attended the première of "Espion(s)" last night in Paris. I co-composed several cues with Cliff Martinez. Director Nicolas Saada, Guillaume Canet, Géraldine Pailhas and Stephen Rea all spoke before the film. Matthieu Sibony and myself represented the music department. It was a tremendous pleasure to have worked with Cliff, my mentor and friend, on this great score. The soundtrack can now be downloaded on iTunes, eMusic, Virgin France, and Amazon.

I'm back in Paris currently producing my third CD of ambient music for Partners in Rhyme. Last month I put on my other hat, photographer, to produce a story Brad Pitt photographed of Angelina Jolie and their six children for W Magazine. It was a huge pleasure hanging with Brad in the darkroom for a couple weeks. The story will appear in the November issue.

My second collection of ambient works is now available from Partners In Rhyme in both CD and download formats. More royalty free tracks for your production needs can be downloaded at

I had the priveledge of composing additional music for the film "Espions" the past ten weeks. Director Nicolas Saada has a great bilingual film in his hands, starring Guillaume Canet and Stephen Rea. Produced by Première Heure, it will be in theatres starting January 2009. The working title in English is Spy(ies).

The title theme for the new Koppel on Discovery series about China entitled "The People's Republic of Capitalism" was co-written with Cliff Martinez and features some of my screaming guitar work. It airs July 9 2008.

People's Republic of Capitalism from Robert Charles Mann on Vimeo.

The film Stiletto, directed by Nick Vallelonga starring Tom Berenger and Stana Katic, is finished. In addition to creating textures, I also did the original score mix. Next up is additional music for the new Discovery Channel called "Investigation Discovery" or "ID Channel".

The experimental film Orpheus Descending which I both scored and sound designed won the ‘Mention du Jury’ at the Festival Silhouette in Paris. You can catch an interview with myself, director Clayton Burkhart and cinematographer Dan Salzmann on Canal+.

Production for the Daniel Hechter ad is finished. It was great working with my good friend Steve Hiett. Playing guitar with Steve on this project was a welcome change and pleasure.

The theme and mnemonic for France Telecom has been completed. It will be implemented next year with arrangements for TV, radio and online. Thanks to all at byVolta Sensitive Factory for their tremendous production.

My collection of royalty free ambient works entitled “Auraspheres” is now available from Partners In Rhyme in both CD and download formats. And more royalty free tracks for your production needs can be downloaded at

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